An Introduction to IPTV

IPTV Questions and Answers

When it comes to what IPTV is and how it works you probably have lots of questions. Well, we have answers!

What is IPTV?

The most wild thing about IPTV is countless people use it everyday without realizing they are doing so. IPTV stands for, “Internet Protocol Television,” and is any kind of streaming television service that person is using. IPTV therefore would not be a downloaded television show or movie, but streaming content. This could mean the streaming of live television via the internet (like with Sling), or a from a streaming-service such as Netflix, Hulu, and so forth. Hence, anyone, “Binging,” their favorite show on Netflix or streaming a channel such as Food Network live on Sling is using IPTV.

What Are the Best Ways to Access IPTV?

If you want the ability to access a wide-range of IPTV using a smart-TV, computer, laptop, or other smart-device is generally the best way to use almost any kind of IPTV. Certain devices like video-game consoles can access some kinds of IPTV (like how a PlayStation 4 can stream Netflix or Hulu) but many kinds of IPTV that provide a lot more resources and shows need a computer, smart-TV, Chromecast, or Firestick. Some of the best devices for accessing IPTV will now be discussed.

Is IPTV the Right Choice for Me?

Sometimes the thought of, “Cord-cutting,” and getting IPTV can be scary for someone who has never even tried using a popular IPTV service like Netflix, Hulu, or Sling. People should not let a fear of something new keep them from taking advantage of how much money they can save by switching-over to IPTV services. Plus, once a person gains familiarity with the kinds of devices that can use IPTV and what the best streaming TV services are best (as this article discusses) it in fact is a lot easier to utilize IPTV than it is traditional television. Basically, if you live somewhere that can get decent internet access, IPTV is a great choice.

Best IPTV Devices

Certain devices can access some IPTV resources, but to make the most of IPTV there are some electronics that are better than others. Some will be discussed now:

Computer or Laptop

If you have a full-fledged computer or laptop you have an easy way to access IPTV! Countless streaming services can be reached and the possibilities are limitless. However, it is not always that fun to watch tv shows on smaller screen, so there are limits with a computer or laptop to your enjoyment.

Smart Television

A smart television can usually access the internet and therefore has a wide-range of IPTV applications. However, certain devices that can be plugged into a regular television or smart television can help make things even easier.


There are many IPTV services for Firestick and this makes it one of the most popular devices to have plugged into a television in order to gain access to wide-range of IPTV services.


One big name in the field of IPTV had increasingly been the Roku. It can gain access to a lot of IPTV services and some smart televisions are actually now having Roku built-in as a feature.


Made by Google, the Chromecast is popular for IPTV thanks to its ability to be, “Cast,” to by any smart-device or computer/laptop with a Chrome browser open. This can make accessing any kind of IPTV possible, but with some extra steps compared to a Firestick or Roku.

Best Streaming TV Service

Once you have the needed device to enjoy IPTV, there a nearly-countless services to consider using. Some are great but extremely niche (such as, “Shudder,” which is all about horror movies), so in order to make things a bit more streamlined only the best streaming TV services/highest quality IPTV will be covered in terms of the content and features they offer.


Netflix does not stream live television, making it a bit different from some of the other IPTV providers discussed below. That said, Netflix is one of the earliest pioneers in streaming TV and continues to be among the biggest names discussed whenever streaming is talked about thanks to its huge variety of content with much of it original material only available to stream upon Netflix.


Hulu has a variety of original content as with Netflix, but one area where Hulu differs and is like other popular IPTV providers is in that it can stream live television as well which is a part of its plan. A number of Cable channels can be found upon Hulu including a great deal of sports. However, Hulu’s live television options are limited to only American subscribers, making it less useful for anyone outside of the U.S.


Sling has quickly grown to be one of the biggest names in paid IPTV for live television content. It has a variety of subscription tiers and lets its users enjoy its multi-channel setup that functions just like television, but with streaming. There are some notable absences from its line-up however, such as CBS which has its own (much less successful) IPTV service, CBS All Access which is not going to mentioned again due to being of so little note.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is the best-known entity for free (and legal) IPTV. It is compatible with multiple smart-devices, computers, and some smart televisions are now coming with it built-in too as an easy-to-access service. Pluto TV has its own channels with various genres or interests along with some regular network or cable content they are able to sometimes negotiate access to. Pluto TV is much like watching regular television except for the fact it is streamed and maintains its own channels. Be aware as this is free content the quality level can at times vary form quite good to admittedly low-budget.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV is known for their satellite service, but since being acquired by AT&T some years ago its parent company has introduced a subscription-based IPTV service called DirecTV Now which essentially serves as DirecTV but as a streaming service instead of being satellite-based. Unfortunately, those who subscribe to this IPTV version of DirecTV have often found it lacks a lot of features found in the satellite version, making this arguably an awkward half-step between traditional television services and IPTV. It still has gained in popularity thanks to certain bundle-packages offered by AT&T, however.

YouTube TV

Not to be confused with YouTube’s service, “YouTube Red,” when one subscribes to YouTube TV they can stream a variety of live television channels via YouTube, much like with, “Sling,” but with less options for plans compared to that service. Still, if someone is a big user of YouTube in general this can compliment it well.

There Are Many More Coming To Consider As Well

It seems like everyday a new IPTV service is launched. Some are very general and others are extremely specific in their niche. Big companies such as Warner Brothers have plans to launch new IPTV services such as HBO Max in the coming year and this Fall 2019 Disney itself has plans to launch its own IPTV service, Disney+. Whether these will be immensely successful or barely of note is to be seen, but when more and more mega-corporations are putting their money into IPTV it clearly is only gaining in popularity as an option to enjoy quality content–be it live television or original streamed content.


When it comes to IPTV it clearly is a superior choice to traditional television. IPTV is without a doubt a stellar choice for anyone with quality internet access who hopes to take advantage of how much less it costs and the great deal of features it provides beyond using traditional television. Switching-over to IPTV can be intimidating at first, but once you make the switch you will be glad you did and wonder how you ever got-by in the past before using IPTV!